The Kula Shala



Tribal Yoga  / 90 MINS

Tribal yoga infuses aboriginal inspired yoga asana flow with dance moves to the beat of the Djembe drum & Didj, embracing Sacred ceremony and Universal law, connecting to an old and ancient energy stream that indigenous cultures have always been conscious of. Julian Silburn utilises Didjeridu, Ceremonial drums and a variety of indigenous world instruments to promote healing, joy, movement,the releasing of negative energy and to promote connection to the highest vibration of Earth and Source. Tribal Yoga is connecting movement with Breath, the Elements, Beats, Nature and your Sacred Intention. Shifting, flowing and healing your energy stream to Freedom & Liberation!.Come & explore! Suitable for all levels or practice. Bring your Drum or Didj to this session too for some freeform play!

En-lighten Meditation  / 45 MINS

Receive Healing within a Group, through guided meditation and repetitive Mantra, incorporating sound from Crystal Bowls, your Sacred Intention, perhaps your Guides, Beings from the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and All that is Required for Your Highest Possible Good.  This session is a great way to clear energy, receive a Light Infusion & integrate & accept those Shadow parts we often try to submerge.  Working with etheric, emotional, mental & physical bodies, cleansing and clearing.


The Future of Humanity  / 45 MINS

An exploration of the current global turbulence within our political/economic/spiritual worlds, and uncovering the purpose behind it all and where we are heading.

Relationships as a Spiritual Path  / 45 MINS

As the world evolves, so do our spiritual paths that suit our modern times. In a world that has become so complex, the world of spirituality is no exception. Come explore a simple and relevant pathway for the modern day seeker to the permanent opening of the Heart

Jean Byrne

Living Yoga

Yoga asana is a gateway for many of us into the deeper dimensions of yoga. Yoga is more than a technique but a space of being, and embodied practice of living. In this workshop come together to breath, dialogue and connect with others on how to live your yoga. Inspired by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali this workshop will give you the space to to reflect on yoga off your mat and throughout your life. Mindfulness meditation, yoga philosophy and discussion with Jean Byrne.

Peter Sharp 

Rocketing Yourself Beyond Expectation

Bio: Join Pete on an exciting journey as he shares a number of life experiences that enabled him to rocket beyond social expectation. You will discover how he managed to break free of societies expectation to now successfully running a global social movement The Liberators International. He will share his most powerful insights from his social experiment gifting strangers for a month through India and a few tips that can help you uncover those fears that may be holding you back from achieving your own greatness.

Shawn Taylor

The Yoga of Music & the Peak Experience  / 45 mins

Everything in the Universe vibrates, from light to sound to Human Beings. Ever wonder why music, dance or festival culture connects us and brings us together?
In this workshop we'll dive deep into the alchemy of audio, how and why are
hardwired to interact with it and how this can lead to a Peak Experience
through movement. Join Bass Music Producer, Dj and Audio enthusiast Shawn
Taylor aka ShaantiBot to explore this fascinating and engaging subject.
We'll Breathe to different tempos and feel different frequencies. We will
draw the parallels between traditional Yogic philosophy, modern Science,
audio production and how they all tie together to lead us to higher states of consciousness


"Cosmic Horsepower"  / 90mins 

Lift off into a 90 minute journey into arm balancing that examines the unconscious limitations we set on ourselves and How to break free from them in everyday life. Cosmic horsepower connects you to your ancient universal origins to plug you directly into the unlimited potential that you are. An inspiring and uplifting class with a carefully curated sonic soundscape to get you out of your head and back your source!


Moon Flow  / 45 mins

Embodying the circular rhythms of nature and the fluidity of water; a slow soothing flow to connect with the moon’s lunar energy, to reflect and restore.

Yoga Nidra  / 45 mins

Quiet the mind and let the earth support your body; soften into a deep state of relaxation to bring about balance and an intimate connection with self through the practice of Yoga Nidra. 


Art of Yoga  / 45 mins

Cameron Coutts is a Senior Yoga Teacher residing in Fremantle.

Having taught 1500+ classes over 13 years, Cameron has an interesting perspective on Yoga and life. He will share in some of the joys of Yoga in its different twists and turns – from his extensive travels, many trips to India and spending time in ashrams – to developing a regular practice - discussing many of the benefits of this practice and often what unfolds as a result of this discipline. Come join in and experience Cameron’s take on the Art of Yoga in this special workshop. 

The Five Elements Yoga Practice  / 90 mins

During this practice we focus on tapping into the elements which makes this style so wonderful to explore in nature, the forest, park or at the beach, even in your own garden!

These ‘Elements’ are WoodFireEarthMetal and Water. It’s a free flowing experience, it can be ‘Fiery' or ‘Cool’, Grounding or Stimulating all dependant on you, the practitioner!

Irrespective of the amount of Prana (energy) produced, it is a wonderful 'moving meditation' to be enjoyed for anybody who can simply stand and breathe. Be guided into this experience by Cameron Coutts who has been exploring and practicing yoga for over 20 years.



Yoga Nidra:
Journey to the edge of perception  / 45 mins

Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest forms of meditation that brings about calmness and profound clarity. Jo has been leading yoga Nidra journeys for over 10 years and is honoured to bring this practice once again into flow.


Sound Healing Sessions

Julian is a Didjeridu teacher,healer and performer with a passionate interest in Aboriginal Culture and music. His journey with the didjeridu started 24 years ago, with an introduction to AboriginalDidjeridu player Dereck Nannup by Heath Bergerson.

After being greatly inspired by their playing Julian began studying various playing styles of various players from around Australia.

Stuart Watkins

I AM. LOVE  / 90 mins

Join Stuart Watkins in a dharma session including some simple breathing exercises and contemplative meditations to take you straight into the direct experience that you are LOVE. 


Victoria McLarty & Sarah Fae

Fire Flight: Acro Yoga

After our incredible experience hosting a the Acro Jam space at FLOW last year, we (Victoria McLarty and Sarah Fae) from FireFlight Yoga would absolutely love to bring our passion for Acro Yoga back again this year!

Therapeutic Flying Workshop - Come learn a practice which combines the partner techniques of Acro Yoga, with the healing art of Thai Massage. Therapeutic flying is gentle, and relaxing, offering an opportunity to connect through loving touch with another human. Flying Therapeutics offers a truly unique experience of healing massage, while building your skills in communication, trust, and attentiveness. In this workshop we teach both the giving, and receiving roles. No previous experience or partner required, just an open mind, and curiosity to give it a try. It's an experience guaranteed to leave people smiling, in a state of interconnected bliss.

Laughter Yoga by Key To Care

Laughter yoga was created by Dr. Kataria and it combines some simple pranayama with playful movement, eye contact and of course laughter in order to relinquish ones inhibitions so that you can totaly give yourself over to pure joyfulness.

Rory Callaghan

How to fill your cup daily - Simple Solutions & Integrated Health Hacks / 90 mins

This workshop will explore known solutions to common chronic preventable health issues using  yoga, music and community as key metaphors to explain this in every day terms. This will build on the previous self-care workshop through a 2 way conversation with the audience  as we explore solutions and hacks that we can model individually or as a community. 

SelfCare - A Personalised Approach to Health & Wellbeing  /  45 mins

This workshop is a holistic and integrated view of the balance between ancient wisdom and modern medicine. The intention is to personalise the human experience and explore 12 paradigms of health and wellbeing that impact how full our cup or vessel is on a daily basis. This will be a 2 way conversation exploring what paradigms you are currently conscious of and perhaps some that you may have your mind opened to.

Michelle Passmore

Tribal Tremors

In this workshop we will be opening ourselves up to our ability to powerfully clear trauma and stress from our BodyMind. Your amazing Nervous System has an innate primal drive towards inner peace and outer meaningful human connection. Working directly through your body, this process activates the power laying dormant within your own being to overcome the story of your past. Dr. Michelle will safely guide the group journey to resolution & integration.

Emmaline Turley

The Great Leap  / 45mins

Let’s celebrate the devotional tale of hanuman the monkey god  as we delve into our hips and stride toward hanumanasana (splits) – Come on take a leap of faith. 

Summer Time Flow  / 45mins

Join Emmaline for an exploration into the centre of our universe; the SUN! And all things summer with a focus on our yoga practice, Ayurvedic wisdom and how to keep our cool during the summer season.

Flower Crown Workshop / 45mins

Don yourself with your very own, FLOW  floral crown. We’ll go out into our surroundings and collect our own mix of inspiring seasonal flowers and foliage then create something gorgeous using nature in its most beautiful form.



Journey through the Chakras  / 90mins

A mini yoga & meditation workshop into the ancient chakra system.

The chakra system correlates with the glands, organs and functions of the human body. For yogis and people interested in healing, the chakras are a map. An excellent map. One of the most complete and profound maps. The chakras give us information about what might be out of balance and what it takes to elevate our consciousness. On an esoteric level, the chakras are our greatest opportunity to understand universal energies, how we can tap into paranormal powers and prioritise our evolution.

Once we have the map, we can choose our own path.

What to expect: This mini workshop will outline clearly, from a traditional and esoteric standpoint, each chakra, how they work and how we can balance and energise them towards a greater more balanced evolution.

Sublimation Workshop  / 45mins

Both workshops function best if taken together, although its not necessary.

Sublimation is a practice that can be found across all esoteric traditions, the alchemy of turning 'lead' into 'gold'. Ava explains sublimation from a Hatha Yoga perspective, why its necessary and how to optimise the practice. She will also bring in a perspective of the Heart, or pure consciousness, and how we can sublimate anything, any emotion, any energy, any 'undesirable' instance into the Gold of pure existence. This workshop is for beginners and advanced practitioners a like as it will deepen your inspiration from the level you are at.


Rivka Worth

5Rhythms® Element Map

5Rhythms® is a conscious, ecstatic, dance practice. Each Rhythm is interpreted in a uniquely personal way, opening us to new freedom and possibility that is both surprising and healing, exhilarating as well as deeply restorative. Dancing the Elements through the 5Rhythms® Map; Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether, we witness our relationship with nature embodying the surrounding environment. Our dance resonates with the Grounding Earth, our Fiery Passion, Watery mysterious depths, Air current connectivity and the Oneness of Ether offering you a deep dance partnering Nature with all her gifts of wild ferociousness, abundant magnificence and eternal presence.



Tribal Grooves

A tribal, dance-hall infused exploration of the body, rhythm and grooves through choreographed dance-hall and hip hop movements and free form ecstatic dance that you can take out into the rest of the festival!


Soukouss Internationale

Dance Workshops

Join the members of Soukouss Internationale for an authentic, fun and energetic introduction to Congolese soukouss dance. Facilitators Quentin Thony (La Reunion) and Flora Osyanju (Kenya) will lead participants through a simple and fun choreography suitable for all the family. Assisting Quentin and Flora will be Aminata Kamara (Sierra Leone).



Hoop Frolic

Discover your rhythm within the magical circle that is the hula hoop. Join us for fitness, fun, flow and frolic. This workshop is ideal for beginners as we will explore foundational hoop movement. With both circus, isolation tech and hoop dance styles integrated we will spiral through a dance of joy and dynamic discovery.

This workshop includes an introduction, warm-up, skill discovery, sequencing, hoop dance and cool down to an integrated soundtrack. Hoops provided for participants and additionally will be available to order or purchase on the day.


Chantelle Raven

Embodying Tantra with Chantelle Raven

Sensual Awakening.  Melting into the earth listening to her, nourishing us and opening to who we truly are, a remembering, a coming home.  Doing and talking less AND FEELING MORE. TRUTH IS NOT A CONVERSATION but A SENSATION IN THE BODY...for the body.  We will connect deeply to our selves, the earth and each other through breath, energy, sensation and touch.