Katrina Thomson is committed to teaching that with personal awareness and a healthy practice you can enhance or transform your mental, physical and emotional health, bringing more joy into your life. Katrina’s classes will encourage you to become more conscious of yourself and your environment, resulting in a greater sense of balance and happiness – a state of being that is often diminished by our hectic lifestyles. Participants have found Katrina’s classes to be inspiring and instrumental in improving both physical strength and mental focus. Leading groups through Karijini National Park, Western Australia, and along the Camino del Norte, Spain, her yoga adventure retreats have supported participants to explore some of the most remote and beautiful places on our planet with presence and personal empowerment. 

 “The most important message in my classes is to share the personal potential of connecting to your own practice. The tools you will develop to tap into consciousness, patience, consideration, and honesty, will empower you to put these into practice day-to-day, helping enrich your life in all directions.” Katrina Thomson