our intentions +

heart mission

Flow Festival has organically grown over the last 5 years and continues to evolve this year. Started by Stuart Watkins and Amanda Noga, and co-created by a vibrant and diverse community, our rebel hearts are ready for the revolution.

In 2020, our vision expands again, we see the collective heart awakening + Flow is a sacred space to support and cultivate that energy. We are returning to the grass-roots, family vibe that Flow was conceived with and honouring the potency of nature and the power of collaboration.

We are blessed to celebrate life and love on a serene piece of private land in the heart of Serpentine. Each year, we build the festival facilities from the ground up and rely 100% on ticket sales to fund the electricity, toilets, shade structures, sound and lights.

Since this is essentially a crowd funded offering, we invite you to be an advocate for Flow and what it stands for in your own community. Get in touch if you are able to contribute your practical or financial resources to the festival creation process!