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heath daly

The language of the 5 elements is undeniable, water puts out fire, wood disperses and pushes out stagnant earth etc. By learning this language we can self diagnose and bring back balance into our lives by honouring these elements and their requirements for flow and expression.


We will learn how each organ effects each other, how emotions control and are controlled by each other, what herbs and foods effect each element and how to use flow to create success in life











the 5 elements of flow in holistic medicine

There is an ancient theory used in Chinese Medicine that helps us find meaning in our life whilst also serving as a self diagnostic tool, it is called Wu Xing - The 5 Element Theory.


As a practitioner of natural medicine for 20 years I feel it is one of the most important things we should be aware of and study because it is the language of holism. It allows us to see ourselves as 5 components, 5 elements that both create and control each other in perfect harmony (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). All of our physical organs, emotions and energetic drives are represented by these elements and most importantly we can see the natural relationships that form between the elements. 

Listen ~      miroslav petrovic

the way of the heart

Every experience, every relationship, every conversation is an opportunity for immense transformation.

Miroslav’s talks are wondrous spaces of unraveling for the mind, body and soul where the audience co-creates the experience. In this immersive journey we will explore the power of the heart to transform life’s everyday experiences into a fulfilling spiritual journey. 

Fusing together deep insight, playfulness, and audience participating this will be an alchemical experience of transformation emotions, finding clarity in the next stages of your journey, deepening your dearest relationships and living more of your authentic truth with all that you do.

MEET ~ Miroslav

Trainer, Speaker, Facilitator

Heart Based Leadership


Jessica has a beautiful way of guiding students deep within the layers of their bodies and into their hearts. Her dedication, knowledge and ability to clearly translate her own felt sense of the practice is reflective of the many hours she has spent curiously exploring and digesting the teachings of yoga. She has studied with many powerful facilitators in several styles of yoga, however she has mainly gravitated to the teachings of her mentor Tara Judelle in Anusara Yoga and Embodied Flow

MEET ~ Jess


Holding Shiva Space

Honouring and holding one another in wholeness

The highest aim of yoga is to know the Self and to recognize the interconnectedness of

everything that is. When it comes to relating to each other, this calls upon us to be aware of our

own inner atmosphere as we support and show up for those around us. In this workshop we

begin by defining and holding our own space, then work with our sense and perceptions to

expand our practice and hold space for others

breathe ~ rose willow 

I deeply cherish my ability to share the gift of healing with others, whether in agroup session, one-on-one and through every teaching product I develop. It is soul transforming work that can truly be life-altering, and I have so much honour and gratitude in facilitating it for others. I am dedicated to this work on every level of my consciousness, and continue to evolve, learn and heal from it. I am so grateful and humbled to be working under the guidance of my mentor, Kelly Morris, an internationally-renowned awakening coach.

Connectuality Healing Meditation

Embrace your true nature. Honour your sacred. Ignite a fierce, real, beautiful fire within and cultivate it’s fruits. Rose will lovingly lead you through a dynamic meditation combining still inner practices with bold purposeful movement and Shamanic Healing techniques to initiate you on an awe-filled journey of Connectuality. 

Breathe ~ bianca Maclachlann

Breathe your way to health

"Breath-centred asana practice and pranayama are among the greatest gifts from the yoga tradition to help us maintain our physiological and metabolic health and well-being, balance our emotions, and clarify our minds.” – Gary Kraftsow. Your breath is your life force, bringing in vital oxygen and energy, and removing toxins from your body. But your breath is also more than that - it's your key to great health and vitality. 


In this 45 minute workshop you'll learn specific pranayama techniques, how and when to practice them for the most benefit, and specific ailments and illnesses these techniques can aid with managing, or even assist in healing. 

MEET ~ Bianca  

Yoga + Pranayama instructor


dance ~ grace barbe

intro to island dance

Grace Barbé gives an introduction to Indian Ocean séga dance.
Grace will teach both traditional and modern choreography and
give a background to the history and culture of the islands.

MEET ~ Grace 




MOVE ~ Mandi nelson

Tribal Yoga

Tribal yoga infuses yoga asana flow with dance moves, embraces Sacred ceremony and Universal law, connecting to an old and ancient energy stream that the indigenous cultures have always been conscious of. 

Tribal Yoga is connecting movement with Breath, the Elements, Beats, Nature and your Sacred Intention. Shifting, flowing and healing your energy stream.


MEET ~ Mandi



MEET ~ Julian

Facebook: Sound Alchemy


MOVE ~ rhyanna vl

Fluid spine

Open your heart, lengthen your spine and dispel your fear of the unknown. For some people back-bending comes naturally while others have to work more deliberately to find freedom. However it is for you, together we will look at how to deepen and create ease in your backbends. This workshop is great for those with limited flexibility as well as the more bendy yogi who needs to build strength. Come one, come all! 

ready, set, flow

Who are you... and what do you want? Move with understanding & purpose and see how differently your practice takes shape. Be both strong and soft. Brave and fragile. Fiery and cool. A vinyasa class that has it all, show up and let it unfold. It is with this mindset that we find unity.

listen ~ Rob foster

Realise your potential

We all have infinite potential to be happy in this life. Rob offers a clear pathway to access your purpose and potential here, now. In this 45 minutes you will be guided on a journey of self discovery where you will find and connect with happiness and purpose in your own life. 

This workshop is an invitation to a deeper understanding on knowing how our hearts work and how to share our gifts with the world. It is an opportunity to remember that happiness is a byproduct of being connected to truth. 

MEET ~ Rob is a yoga teacher, successful businessman and has studied Buddhism for over 15 years. He is a direct student of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and has taken many personal initiations with him. Rob teaches and coaches worldwide on truth in service to all beings. He is also a simple family man, husband, father and friend to many. Robs mastery on the meeting of conventional and ultimate reality allow him to support organisations, businesses, training institutes and individuals to realise their infinite potential for the benefit of all. While a student of Buddhism his teachings are non denominational and offer support and clarity to all.

move ~ emmaline turley

listen ~ vishaka

summertime and the livin’ is easy

Join Emmaline for a playful dance through our surya season:

“Just as the Earth easily flows through the seasons, it should be only natural that our bodies wish to do the same”

Summer is the Pitta season in Ayurveda (composed of the Fire and Water elements), which means it’s time to get outside, play, relax and enjoy the outdoors, recharging your internal batteries with solar energy.


the science of karma

With Vishaka's many years, if not lifetimes of experience doing Vedic Astrology (Jyotish), he is exceptionally gifted in giving clear and amazing readings, offering clarity with and understanding of a person's Karma, Purpose in Life, Health, Relationships, Career and more.

Vedic Astrology (called Jyotish or "The Science of Light") comes to us from India and goes back over 5,000 years coming from the Vedas,  which are ancient scriptures that were brought to us by enlightened sages that come from a yogic perception of reality.

 This Summer Seasonal Vinyasa session will emphasise playful sequences to reduce Pitta’s intense personality, cooling and restorative forward bends to help you to take shelter from the heat, heart opening backbends to recharge and seated postures to improve overall circulation and blood flow..Slow down, flow and move from your intuition, listen from within, to grow and mature during this season of abundance…



 Ayurveda and Yogaalso come from the Vedas. Jyotish assumes the law of karma, which is the principle of cause and effect, and can give a better view of a person's karmic tendencies while defining a person's psychological nature , putting focus and understanding on when certain events are likely to take place. In terms of analyzing relationship compatibility and auspicious timing of events, Vishaka offers some of the most sophisticated yet ancient tools of predictions and analysis, putting emphasis on the spiritual development of the individual.

MEET ~ Vishaka


listen ~ chandrika gibson

nourish your soul

sattvik nutrition personalised to suit your dosha

This workshop is all about eating well for your unique needs. There’s no single ‘perfect’ diet for everyone, and while we each bring our own food preferences and philosophies to the table, yoga and its’ sister science Ayurveda, offer us wisdom to approach our diet holistically.

In this workshop we will explore how yogic principles like ahimsa can help us choose a diet that is beneficial for our minds, bodies and the planet that provides our nourishment. From soil to psyche, we will cover prana and our subjective experience of foods that give and take our energy. The Ayurvedic understanding of doshas helps us refine our philosophy to an individualised approach, knowing that eating from a wide variety of plant based foods can meet our nutrition requirements in a way that strengthens our constitution.

Take home inspiration and resources including a dosha questionnaire and recipes to suit different dosha types and seasons.

live lightly

yoga philosophy can help us need less by mastering our prana

Yoga is a self -empowering technology that allows us to manage and master our own energy system. This workshop will explore the natural flow of prana, the yogic techniques for governing and directing it, and the overarching benefit of needing less externally while tapping into the well of wisdom and energy within.

Together we will practice using bandhas, breath and our minds to create beneficial bhavanas (ideations) that allow us to harness and direct prana for self development, wellbeing and inner resourcefulness.


MMET ~ Chandrika

Surya Health

move ~ ava irani

journey through the chakras

My passion is to create a space of community, simplicity and Love. My heart is alive when I get to share my enthusiasm for a strong understanding of both Traditional Hatha Yoga and Modern Jnana Yoga.

My passion is to create a space of community, simplicity and Love. My heart is alive when I get to share my enthusiasm for a strong understanding of both Traditional Hatha Yoga and Modern Jnana Yoga.

MEET ~ Ava

Founder of Spanda School


move ~ sue byrne

classic vinyasa






With grace and skill, yoga teacher Sue Byrne will expertly guide you to a flow of the heart. with an emphasis on breath and body awareness


Harnessing Duality to Achieve Unity

Without Duality, oneness would have no meaning. Our work in yoga is to understand the dualities that exist within the body and mind, and bring them together to create a harmonious unity.

In the performance of Asana, we create unity by first creating duality. It’s only when we have two movements moving in opposing directions that we can find the synergistic balance that gives the pose space and ease. Like an elastic band, muscles don’t stretch when we push both its ends in the same direction, but when we pull them away from one another. Likewise, when the two ends of the spine (the crown of the head and the tailbone) move in the same direction the torso shortens and we collapse. But when they lengthen and reach away from each other we experience a sense of extension and expansion – a more full and vibrant expression of ourselves. We create space, and when we create space we create possibility. In any posture, trying to lift without the opposing action of grounding gives us little positive effect, but can become physically and mentally draining. By mindfully moving in opposite directions simultaneously we bring ourselves consciously into the present, and it’s there we find the powerful yet peaceful practice of yoga.

n the same way a bird must open and close its wings to take flight, we must learn to both expand and contract our energy to stay balanced. Opening up with every inhale to feel the energetic expansion of our full potential, then gathering our attention inward upon the exhalation settling into our stability and centre, and ultimately connecting to our ‘self'.

In this class/workshop, we will look at some specific asanas where this inner process of harnessing duality to achieve balance, clearly manifests itself. Asanas where we use one side or end of the body to reach one way and the opposite to reach the other, challenging us to find the still point, where we sit centred, tipping in neither direction but where duality finally rests, perfectly poised and united.

Indeed, it seems somewhat a paradox, connecting in on ourselves while fearlessly opening ourselves up to possibility. It’s this action of duality that helps us to achieve a single point of focus. And in that single stated mind we see clearly, truth.


MEET~ Hayley

Beyond Being

Join senior yoga teacher Cameron Coutts in exploring some fun & achievable ways in overcoming the obstacles we face establishing a committed yoga practice. Take away these tools to feel more grounded & centered. We will explore some simple sequences that can be especially beneficial for the very busy practitioner.


Cameron has been teaching yoga for 12 years & practicing for over 20. He is well travelled & has an interesting perspective on living a full & abundant yogic lifestyle.

listen ~ cameron courts

Cameron Coutts yoga-92.jpeg

developing a personal practice

Turning your Passion into a Discipline!

Our busy lives often get in the way and we can ‘lose our way’ when it comes to pursuing our passion of practicing yoga. Many yoga teachers in particular have challenges in making yoga a regular thing. 


lisyen ~ Kate foster 

rest, reconnect, remember

Please join me and embrace this rare opportunity to remember the joy of presence through silence. You will be gently guided to explore your inner landscape through meditation, reflection and letter writing. You will be in awe at the wisdom within your own heart that is forever calling you home. Wishing you gentle days until we meet, I look forward to the honour of sharing with you.

Writing is my courageous response to a world that scares the pants off me. I am one tiny frail human-being willing to expose my inner world to support others.

MEET ~ Kate 


move ~ Donna Buchanan

creative vinyasa flow

Donna and Kate's classes are creative, explorative and dynamic! They aim to inspire and challenge everyone to explore their potential whilst maintaining structural and anatomical stability and a respectful approach to their bodies and minds.Kate and Donna are known for their playful and creative approach to sequencing and help students acknowledge and honour change through their yoga practice. Theres always an arm balance or two, and they’re passionate about making yoga accessible and fun! Be inspired, smile and have fun! 

time, syncHronicity +

conscious evolution

listen ~ mark Bentley 

One time is ending, but another is just beginning, an entirely new era in the history of the Earth: the noosphere. This is the message of Visionary José Argüelles. We are leaving the world of pure sensory matter, and entering a world of mind and telepathy. In this new world of the Noosphere, time is not what a clock measures, but a factor of synchronicity, and the synchronization of our minds into ever expanding consciousness