Welcome to The FLOW Land there are various spaces and vibes for you to soak up, get familiar with all the Festivities and see the downloadable map below

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Golden Cloud

Introducing fine Chinese organic red tea "Golden Cloud", the workshop introduces the basic principles of ancient form of mediative tea appreciation. 

Red tea's are fermented, slightly stimulating and warming. Join us to have a loving cup of fine tea with mindful appreciation for the fine aroma and balancing effect. 


Glacial Tie Guan Yin

Introducing the glacial organic Tie Guan Yin, freshly picked in 2017, frozen in the tea farm in China and defrosted prior to the tea workshop, experience the freshness and tender aroma of one of the finest teas. Tie Guan Yin is a sort of Oolong tea, is very refreshing and even if served hot, has a gentle cooling effect. 


TeaDao Ceremony

In Chinese, as in Japanese, there is a saying, "Tea and Zen have the same essence". Join to expereince the "Zen" of tea, with each bowl mindfully and mouth-fully appreciated.

The TeaDao Ceremony will introduce you to the meditative aspects of fine tea drinking. Join us to to raise a bowl of teawith love and appreciation. 

This workshop includes a calligraphy session (10-20 min) allowing you to write a few meaningful characters in Chinese, integrating Daoist philosophies, tea and the Flow of the day. 

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Henri is a Perth based Qigong Advocate, dedicated to learning, practicing and sharing the ancient Daoist and Chinese healing arts, which include the Art of Tea. 

For thousands of years, Tea has been revered as a spiritual practice with many fascinating, yet practical techniques to appreciate the Flow of Tea. 

Henri specialises in sourcing fine teas directly from farmers in Asia and hosts monthly full moon tea ceremonies in the Perth hills John forrest National Park, where nature, tea and dao meet. 

agni tipi

The tipi is a sacred space for you to anchor your intention for FLOW, offer your prayers and observe the transformative power of fire.