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Elah & Ausierra's Soul-FULL Song & Cacao Ceremony

is an opportunity to activate our voices & open our hearts to attune to the highest alignment of the Universe's harmonic rhythms of possibility. Using the sacred cacao plant as medicine to dissolve any barriers & take us to new heights, the ceremony is guided by meditations, medicine music, collective prayer & personal intentions to amplify the unified field of transformation, healing & pure magic from the alchemy of souls present. These gatherings instill a warmth within that will activate your momentum, creativity, & interconnectedness to all things; illuminating a new layer of common-unity, so together we can continue building the bridges of a more connected, imaginative, inspired New Earth rising. 

Elah & AuSierra's dedication & mission is to guide people ceremoniously through transformational journeys to empower individuals to reawaken & explore their connection & devotion with the Self, Spirit, Community & Mother Earth. They are based in Ubud, Bali where they hold a pillar for the global & local community as they facilitate weekly Cacao Ceremonies. They are two unique songwriters, teachers & guides who have come together to co-create music & journeys that invoke soul revival, inspire heart opening, and awaken a re-membering of the pure love that lives within us all. 

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